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Lead Prices

LME – Surcharges on Self Adhesive Lead Strip

The price of lead has increased dramatically over the last year, along with many other metals on the L.M.E. (London Metal Exchange). The live links below give the latest information from the L.M.E. website. For this reason we add a surcharge to all lead orders which is directly related to the current lead price on the L.M.E. It is worked out from the average price for the previous week and is updated every week.

The tables below is updated every Monday so you can see the average price of lead from the previous week and the LME surcharges on orders for the current week. If you have any queries about these surcharges our sales team will be happy to answer them.

LME for week 29

Average for week £1734.23 per tonne

Oval & Flat Profiles # 50 mt Lengths

22mm Oval / Flat

£ 6.88

18mm Oval

£ 5.07

15mm Oval

£ 4.02

12mm Oval / Flat

£ 2.80

9mm Oval / Flat

£ 2.39

6mm Oval / Flat

£ 1.60

4.5mm Oval

£ 1.33

3.5mm Oval

£ 0.91

3mm Oval KC

£ 1.56

2mm Oval / Flat KC

£ 1.02

Colonial / Heritage Profiles # 40 mt Lengths


£ 6.50


£ 4.18


£ 3.28


£ 1.69

Georgian Profiles # 35mt Lengths


£ 6.23


£ 5.10