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Colorspray–backpainted glass made easy

Our Colorspray is a uniquely formulated resin based paint system which is ideal for the backpainting of glass for many applications including:

  • Spandrel Panels
  • Glass Splashbacks
  • Wetroom Walls
  • Architectural Glass
  • Glass Worktops

The use of backpainted glass is now a popular feature in many homes and commercial buildings as it creates extra light and easy to clean and maintain.

Paneles Enjuta
Spandrel Panels
Traseras de Cristal
Glass Splashbacks
Paredes Húmedas
Wetroom Walls
Vidrio Arquitectónico
Architectural Glass
 Las encimeras de cristal
Glass Worktops

Why use ColorSpray™ ?

There are many systems on the market for spraying glass but none give the flexibility, affordability and performance of ColorSpray:

ColorSpray comes with a 10 year external warranty

ColorSpray can be applied to any monolithic glass surface

ColorSpray can be used in laminated glass

ColorSpray can be used to create any Ral, Pantone, NCS or BS colour

ColorSpray requires no specialist drying or curing equipment

We are pleased to announce the addition of Satin Base to the ColorSpray range.

The Satin Base, when used alone, produces a stunning sandblast glass effect and when mixed with our range of transparent colorants produces a translucent opacity to the glass.