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The Colorspray System

How it works

How the Colorspray sytem works

With ColorSpray the preparation of any colour from RAL, BS, NCS and Pantone ranges is now possible simply and quickly with an in-house mixing system and our easy to use formulator software.

ColorSpray is a 3 component system using our high perfromance Clear Base A & B and adding colourants from our range of 19 colours and 4 specialist Aluminium effects (for metallic colours).

Colour Formulations

ColorSpray formulator software will give mixing formulae based on weight for up to 3000 colour options from RAL, Pantone, NCS and British Standards colour range and if that is not enough, we can match colourmatch to most paint systems or a sample colour using one of the UK's foremost colourmatching laboratories.

It is so simple to use (click images to enlarge):

Paneles Enjuta
Paneles Enjuta
Paneles Enjuta

Decide on how much you need and the software will give you an accurate weight based formulation.

Download a demonstration version

Mixing Paints


Its is very simple to mix by hand an no specialist stirring or mixing equipment is needed.

From the formulation software all you need to do is weigh out the correct amounts of each colourant to make the desired colour and then add our specialist base resin paints.

You are now ready to spray.


  • ColorSpray is applied via an industrial spraygun
  • Most colours need only 3 fine coats of colorspray
  • For light colours a grey or black backing may be necessary
  • We recommend a dry back booth to keep spraying even