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cadram resins


Colorspray Effects

Effect Bases

With ColorSpray we can offer a series of pre-finishes and additives to create dramatic effects and add extra dimension to the backsprayed glass.


Quartz base gives the look of granite or marble and is particularly effective for use in worktop or kitchen splashbacks. The small particles of Quartz colour reflect light back in a tighter pattern than the Glitter base and would typically be backed with black or a dark colour. Available in Gold, silver or Bronze.


Glitter base gives and extra sparkle to any glass but is most effective when used with dark colours. Available in Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Rainbow.


The Flash base creates varying colour intensity dependant on the light and angle of view. It works by refracting light into the pigment particles and creates a pearlescent sheen on the colour surface. Available in Blue, Red, Green and Gold.

Fleck additive

With Fleck additive stunning effects are available with any colour. Just add the additive to any formulated colour and create flecks on the glass. Normally fleck colours are then backed with solid colour.