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Colour Systems

Colour Guides

We supply every new customer with a RAL and Pantone swatch. Additionally, we stock NCS and BS swatches and can offer 'own-branded' RAL swatches in minimum quantities of 100.

RAL K7 Guide

210 colours.

Branded RAL K7 Guide

210 colours.

Pantone Guide

Solid Coated – 1114 colours.

BS Guide

475 colours.

NCS Guide

1950 colours.

Colour Savvy

Click on any surface, such as a painted wall, rug, brick, wood or fabric swatch, and in seconds the Colour Savvy will compare it against the database to identify the best match. The unit is preloaded with RAL, NCS and BS Colours giving over 2600 options to choose from.

We also have thousands of formulations for the major retail paint suppliers worldwide:

Colour Matching Service

Even with 4,000 colours in the system, there will always be a special colour that a customer requests and we offer a free of charge, colour match service for these occasions.

Our Colour Laboratory hold swatches for most of the major paint suppliers or customers can send in a sample of the colour they require and the formulation will usually be generated within 72 hours and uploaded to the software. These updates are normally available to our whole network of currently 200+ sprayers worldwide and with 20 requests per week, the database is growing at a rate of 1000 per year.