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The ColorSpray System

ColorSpray Ceramic

Introducing ColorSpray Ceramic

RegaLead is pleased to announce the launch of ColorSpray Ceramic at Glasstec 2016. In response to numerous customer requests for a ceramic enamel product which can be mixed in house, similar to our ColorSpray Original product, we have worked with specialist suppliers of ceramic enamels to bring to the market the unique Ceramix system

The range of ColorSpray Ceramic enamels are all lead free and are designed to fire at temperatures of 680°-720°C with a cycle time of 40 seconds per mm of glass. This is in line with other products already available on the market which means that cycle times do not need to be altered.

Ceramix is a range of 10 high concentration coloured enamels and 3 base colours that can be intermixed to create virtually and RAL, Pantone or NCS shade as well as special formulations to match any other colour system.

The ColorSpray Ceramic range also includes a high opacity black which allows complete coverage with lower coat weight and a simulated etch for creating acid etched effects.

ColorSpray Ceramic has been designed to work with a variety of application systems with simple adjustments to the viscosity with either water or mixing medium.


  • Fires at 680°- 720°C
  • Lead Free Enamels
  • 10 colours and 3 bases create any colour
  • Screenprint, Spray, Roller or Curtain Coat Application
  • Very Low VOC Levels of < 10%
  • Fast Drying in Ambient Temperatures
  • Dry in Less Than 5 Mins When Used in Conjunction with Burst Fire System


  • TS EN ISO 9227 | Salt Spray Test
  • TS EN ISO 6270-1 | Resistance of Humidity
  • TS EN ISO 4892-3 | UV Weathering Test
  • TS EN ISO 1518-1 | Scratch Resistance
  • TS EN ISO 2812-1 | Acid Resistance (Citric, HCL,H2SO4)


When it comes to ceramic paints, traditionally the supply chain has to outsource by ordering pre-mixed paint from a specialist. This ensures complete accuracy but can also involve long lead times. When we started to develop our ColorSpray Ceramic, thanks to our experience with ColorSpray original, we knew that customers want to get accurate finishes but not wait too long. So we’ve worked hard to get both bases covered.

All our formulations are prepared to the ‘nth degree’ of accuracy and are designed to work with our next generation ColorSpray Formulator software. Thanks to the continual updating of our ColorSpray Formulator, unique colours can be matched within 24 hours.

Mix on Demand – Key benefits at a glance:

  • Ability to mix in house
  • Create colours on demand with no waiting time
  • Mix the exact quantity required and reduce wastage of leftover paints
  • Create any bespoke colour whenever you want

Pre-Mixed – Key benefits at a glance:

  • Supplied on demand within 24hrs
  • No in–house mistints by inaccurate weighing, get exactly what you order.
  • Use our in house colour lab to formulate bespoke through glass colour matches
  • No requirement for mixing equipment and stock of base colours

We also offer a unique premium through glass colour formulation service. Our colour technicians will formulate your colour so that it matches exactly what you ordered whether looking at the paint side or through whatever glass you specify for the job, tell us the exact glass thickness and type you are using and we will compensate for the green tinge in the glass to provide a perfect match when looking through the glass.

Whatever suits your business – one, the other or a bit of both depending on the project you’re working on.