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The ColorSpray System

ColorSpray Aqua

Introducing ColorSpray Aqua

The latest addition to the ColorSpray family is ColorSpray Aqua, a water-based paint system available in both a 1K VetroCoat and 2K OmniCoat version.

Both products have been developed using a NanoParticle pure acrylic binder which offers massively improved adhesion and performance levels compared to conventional water-based binder systems.

The Nano particles are 1/1000th the size of conventional systems and therefore leave up to 20% less free space in the finished film coat.

ColorSpray Aqua has VOC levels <10% as calculated by ASTM D3960 and also comply with Green Seal standards.

A family of products sharing the same DNA

ColorSpray Aqua is a family of products all designed using the same Nano-Particle backbone but with adjustments made to the formulations to allow excellent adhesion and performance on a wide range of fenestration products

1K VetroCoat

Single pack product designed for use with glass. Available in 40% sheen level.

2K OmniCoat

2-pack product with 9:1 mixing ratio designed for use with a wide range of plastics and GRP fibreglass. Available in 20% / 50% / 60% sheen levels.

2K Omni Coat + CS Primer

2-pack product with etch primer for application onto aluminium. Available in 20% / 50% / 60% sheen levels.


  • 1k Or 2k Water-Based System
  • 3 Gloss Levels Including a High Gloss 60% Sheen
  • Iso-Cyanate Free
  • Unique Nano Particle Binder System Provides Exceptional Levels of Adhesion
  • Very Low VOC Levels of < 10%
  • Fast Drying in Ambient Temperatures
  • Dry in Less Than 5 Mins When Used in Conjunction with Burst Fire System


As we were developing the Aqua product range one of the key features needed was a pre-tinted white base to help keep costs down for customers by reducing the amount of white colorants needed in the formulations (e.g. pastel shades such as RAL1014, the white colourant would be 340g per litre). The Aqua range works with 3 variants of tinted base - Neutral (N), Medium White (W0) and Pure White (W1) with varying levels of TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide). The formulation software takes this into account when giving levels of colorant.

The Aqua Tint colorant range is a 13 colour water-based system which has been designed to work with the ColorSpray Aqua product, to create any colour imaginable.

  • Superior fastness to light and weather due to careful selection of pigments
  • Good alkali resistance
  • Strict control on specifications guaranteeing excellent reproducibility of colour values
  • Combination of high and low strength colorants enables optimum usage of colorant
  • Selection of Interior and exterior colorants helps minimize cost
  • Long Term stability
  • Suitable for all types of dispensing machines
  • 1000’s of formulations already matched in the new ColorSpray Formulator