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cadram resins

Infill Resins & Pre–mixed Infill

The Colourful World of Resins

We offer a range of infill resins for colouring and adding texture to decorative glass designs. The products are a two-component system with a 50:50 mix ratio and can then be pigmented to create the desired colour.

Infill Resins

Infill – Part A

5 litres, 1.25 litres or 500ml

Infill – Part B

5 litres, 1.25 litres or 500ml

Stipple Effect – Part A

1.25 litres

Stipple A should be mixed with clear infill B to create a textured effect similar to Stippolyte glass- offering a level of obscurity and contrast to the infilled area. The effect created is the same whether applied to clear glass or satin glass. Stipple Infill can also be combined with our range of Pigments to create coloured texture.

Stipple Effect – Part B

1.25 litres or 500ml

Satin Infill should be mixed with clear Infill A, to create a finish similar to satin etched glass. When combined with transparent pigments, the Satin Infill creates a translucent effect.

Pre–mixed Infill

Infill – Part B Pre-mix

1.25 litre, ready-mixed Part B Infill, pigmented to closely match the most popular Stained Glass Art Film colours.

Gold Glitter – Infill A

500ml or 125ml

Our new high concentration Gold Glitter Infill needs to be mixed in 50:50 ratio with Clear Infill B.