Stress Management with Marcio Amaral


Marcio Do Amaral

Marcio Amaral

Marcio Amaral is a warm and friendly person who is dedicated to helping others overcome difficulties, manage stress and regain their passion for life. 

For more than 20 years he worked as an accredited Chue-style feng shui consultant, advising companies, organisations, charities and private individuals on a wide range of projects including shopping malls, schools, hotels and private residences. His book, Creating Luck (Hay House, 2012), presented feng shui concepts in an accessible manner and outlined how to heal problem areas in the home, release stress and welcome in love, health, success and joy. 

The movement of energy, physically, emotionally and spiritually, has always fascinated Marcio. He is also a natural medium and clairvoyant who has trained as a platform medium and medical intuitive and understands the need to strike a balance between the physical and spiritual realms within society and within us all. 

Today he runs a successful stress management practice in the heart of London, helping clients from many different backgrounds to transform their lives. He has continued his professional development by training in transcutaneous acupuncture and energy medicine with Dr Norman Shealy at the Holos Institute of Health, and successfully uses Dr Shealy’s Bliss therapy as part of his practice. He also offers a variety of traditional and modern techniques, including spiritual healing, aromatherapy, nutritional advice, plasma TheraphiTM and crystal chromotherapy. 

Marcio treats all his clients with care and confidentiality. He has the ability to put people at ease on first meeting and to glean the cause of their anxiety or stress, as well as the appropriate method of relieving it. He encourages everyone not only to take care of their body, which he calls ‘the temple where the soul lives’, but also to develop spiritually in order to live a full, rich and stress-free life. 

A friend recommended Marcio to me to help manage my very full and stressful life. Over the time I have known him, he has listened to me, supported me with amazing health products and, more than anything, become a great friend who is always there when I need him. 

His patience and compassion are boundless, his sense of humour infectious and his wisdom the greatest gift he has given me in bringing order to my hectic life. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.


Gurinder Chadha
OBE, Film Director 

I have come across many leading health experts, but none like the multi-talented Marcio Amaral. Marcio has the innate ability to hone in on the root cause of an individual’s distress. He uses various unique applications to eliminate the accumulated stress in the body that underpins discomfort and poor health, and has the natural insight to help clients dispel false belief systems and find their true purpose. 

‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’, as the saying goes, and Marcio has not only served as a great reminder to me but has also delivered invaluable guidance and results to my client referrals. 

Gloria Parfitt
Nutritionist, Director of Metabolic Balance UK Ltd

Marcio is a miracle worker when it comes to resolving any kind of stress, whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual. 
He is deeply compassionate and is guided by his intuition to work on the deepest source of any problem rather than simply addressing the symptoms, which may manifest as addictions, anxiety or pain. I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Petronella Ravenshear