Stress Management with Marcio Amaral

Returning Your Soul
Back To You

About Marcio Amaral

Marcio runs a successful Stress Management practice in Baker Street London and has been a consultant to a wide spectrum of society.  Marcio treats his clients with care and confidentiality, yearning to aid them overcome whatever difficulties present to them and him.  Marcio has the ability to make people feel at ease on first meeting and he has the ability to glean from a patient that which is causing their anxiety or stress and he knows well the appropriate method to apply in healing or assisting them. 

Marcio is enthusiastic about the mind and it's behaviour and a great believer of the cognitive behaviour and hypnosis programming. He is thoroughly involved in assisting adults but is especially gifted at assisting children to reach their full potential and to develop self belief and their own sense of awareness.

Healing Techniques

Marcio uses a variety of historic and modern techniques which may involve crystal healing or hypnotherapy to alleviate the recurring symptoms or to cease a habit which is unhelpful or unmanageable.  His technique has yielded extremely positive and encouraging results.  Further techniques have been the use of Kromotherapy and Spiritual Healing, The Theraphi Plasma Therapy Machine and many other alternative techniques.  A number of these techniques are explained thoroughly and explicitly in his consultancy sessions to groups or in private individual meetings.  He undertakes question and answer sessions where he explains fully what each technique entails and how it may assist.

Marcio is a visionary and a truly empathic individual with a unique view into humanity and the human conditions which befall us.

stress management

Stress Management

The stress management technique involves 3 sessions; Bringing the soul back, increase in self esteem and connecting to your intuition.



A powerful  plasma light/infrasound bioactive field used for time reverse/rejuvenation. Creates feelings of being energized.



Crystal healing bed associated with the world renowned Brazilian healer - John of God. Thorough cleansing of your energy field.

Dr Norman Shealy's bliss therapy

Bliss Therapy

By Dr Norman Shealy. Based on the 5 energetic acupuncture points using blends of essential oils.


feng shui

Feng Shui

Marcio is an accredited Chue Style Feng Shui Consultant who has worked int eh field for over 20 years. Author of 'Creating Luck'