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Whoever you are, Clerkenwell Screws can provide supply just about all your specialist and non-specialist needs for threaded fixings. That alone makes us competitive. Here are some reasons why you may find us indispensable.


First – Quality Control. Screw distributors usually send orders out in the manufacturer’s  unopened boxes. We don’t . Our products are inspected, counted or weighed ( we have computer controlled Scales on tap ) and packaged. Over-careful? It’s just our way of ensuring quality


Second – Individual Service.We will search out screws to meet customer’s specification. We will supply and package in quantities to individual preference. Urgent orders? We frequently prepare orders for dispatch in hours where others take days. We will even get screws specially made.


Third – Specialist Finishes.Most popular sizes are offered ex stock in Bright Zinc, Bright Nickel. Vat chrome, uncommon sizes and types plated to order.


Get a ‘Yes’ from Clerkenwell Screws when everyone else gives you a ‘no’. Who runs the company? One nutcase and seven screwballs. And we love problems!


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